Would you like to hear a couple new songs from Dysception before they're recorded? If you're over 21, you can check out Dysception on January 9th at O'Malley's in Alsip (Southside).

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish you all a happy and safe holiday season. This coming year will be an exciting year for Dysception as we have already written a few new songs, and we will continue to write music up until the day of recording...which is coming soon.

Dysception is currently featured on the 4X4 truck video, "Haulin' and Crawlin." If your interested in checking this video/DVD out, go to: www.4x4extremevideos.com.

"Bottled," has been added to rotation on the Internet radio station, MetalZone.us. Check it out and let us know if you hear it.

---All of us w/ Dysception would like to thank Escape From Earth for inviting us to open the show at Metro for them. We would also like to thank our friends and family members who came out to support us. Most importantly, we would like to thank all the awesome street team members and fans who came out to the show to support us and the other bands whom we shared the stage with.

---Also, we appreciate the continued support from DJ's at 94.7 Zone in Chicago including JVO and Steve Fisher. Rockford station, 104.9 WXRX, the "X," has also played a few Dysception tracks this week, and for that, we are also very thankful.

---We have just booked a new ALL AGES show on short notice this Saturday, November 22, at the Batavia VFW. This show starts at 3pm and Dysception is headlining. Check the shows page for more information.

---A new website and recording will be coming out right after the new year, so please bare with us as we take the next few months to write and record.

New pics from on the pic page...check them out!

Show Added:
Dysception at Metro in Chicago
Friday, Nov. 14th
All Ages Show
Doors at 5:30pm / Dysception at 6:30pm
For Discounted Tickets: Print These.

For more info or directions to the show, go to www.metrochicago.com.

Escape From Earth 9:00-10:00
Inept 8:00-8:45
Disonic 7:15-7:45
Dysception 6:30-7:00

Next Show:
Thursday, Oct 23rd
Otto's in DeKalb
This show has been changed to 21 and over
(We can thank the City of DeKalb for this one)

Dysception in the news: (a review on last week's Otto's show)
Northern Star "Weekender" Article (online version w/out pic)
Northern Star "Weekender" Article (actual article w/ pic)

We know you all are waiting for new music from Dysception. Before we record the next CD, we put together a few songs and recorded them for free. This "pre-production" recording will never be released to the public, however, we thought one song from that CD came out good...
"Disarray" - Dysception
(no longer available!)

Dysception in the news:
Midweek Article (9/9/03)
Northern Star Article (9/11/03)
Daily Chronicle (9/11/03)

Thanks to all who came to Otto's on Sept 11th...we raised $200 for the American Red Cross. Also, we'd like to thank Escape From Earth and Blackout for putting on great performances.

Once again, we would like to thank all everyone who came to Metro this weekend!

Congratulations to street team member: Matt U.
As a street team member, Matt brought out the most people to Metro and won an autographed guitar from Dysception. Thanks Matt.

Show Added:
Dysception at Metro in Chicago
Saturday, Aug. 30
All Ages Show
Doors at 6:00pm / Dysception at 7:15pm
For FREE TICKETS: Print out this flier.

For more info or directions to the show, go to www.metrochicago.com.

More thank you's: First off, we sincerely thank the many fans and street team members who came to the show and respresented us. Also, we would like to thank Clearwater Theater for their awesome hospitality. Much respect goes to the sound and lighting crew as well as all the other employees who took care of all three bands.

Support local music and check out Clearwater Theater.

Dysception would like to thank all of those who came out to Otto's this past Friday for an awesome show with Infrared and Liluminati.

Next Show: July 5th w/ Escape From Earth at Clearwater Theater in West Dundee. This show is ALL AGES! For a map to the venue, check this out.

More New Shows Added: Check them out.

Dysception has begun writing material for the next CD, which will include a re-recording of, "Bottled," and two or three new songs. The CD is expected to be recorded in September 2003.

Friday, June 13th at Otto's in DeKalb. (18 and over show)
3 Bands - 3 Bucks! Dysception, Infrared, Liluminati.

Bad News: June 8th show at 602 North has been cancelled (Not our fault).
Good News: Dysception will be opening for Escape From Earth on Saturday, July 5th at Clearwater Theater in West Dundee.

Though we had no knowledge of it, Dysception was played on the Local Zone on 94.7 ZONE in Chicago. Check it out

Looks like our friends and fans in DeKalb really enjoyed the show at Otto's. The photographer who shot the first photo also printed another photo today with a review of the show.
See the article on-line

Check out the photo that the Northern Star (DeKalb Newspaper) printed of Dysception at Otto's last Thursday. See Photo

What a phenomenal crowd we had last Thursday at Otto's in DeKalb. We'd like to thank the 300+ people who came out to see us. We had a great time and an awesome after-party too!

Please feel free to check out our show schedule. There have been a couple 21 and over shows added over the next couple weeks. Hope to see many of you there...

Reminder: Dysception will be performing at Otto's in DeKalb on Feb. 27th (18 and over).
The line up for the show is:

Numb - 9:00pm
Infrared - 9:45pm
Life Without - 10:45pm
Dysception - 11:45pm

Doors open at 8pm
$5 to get in
21 w/ ID to drink
Need a map?

There's been a lineup change for the Feb 27th show at Otto's in DeKalb. Swidden won't be able to perform at the show due to uncontrollable circumstances.

For the first time ever, we have Dysception merchandise, which includes T-shirts, embroidered beenie hats, hoodies, and spaghetti strap tank tops. All merchandise will be available at the Feb. 27th show at Otto's in DeKalb.

We have more of "The Three Thirteen EPs" available. E-mail the band if you still haven't received your FREE copy. A new show has been added to the schedule. Dysception will be performing at the Dungeon in DeKalb, IL (across from Burritoville on Hillcrest) on Monday, March 24th. 18 and over show!

New layout for Dysception.com! Happy Holidays!

We just added a show on Saturday, Dec 28th at Starbusters in DeKalb. Come on out and spend the holidays with Dysception.

Want to see pics from the Metro show from 11/26 ??? Look up at the menu bar...that's right, we finally added a message board, so speak your mind!

Once again, we would like to thank all of those who came out to Metro on Tuesday. With only 4 days notice, over 100 of you came out to the Otep/Noise Therapy show, and for that, we are thankful! Two more shows have also been added to the schedule.

Tickets are ready: Click here to print off FREE complimentary tickets.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: On Tuesday, Nov 26th, Dysception will be opening for OTEP and Noise Therapy at THE METRO in Chicago. Doors will be at 6pm and Dysception will be opening the show at 6:30 p.m. Tickets for the show are FREE through Dysception. Check back on this site within the next two days to print off the FREE tickets. For directions to the show, go to www.metrochicago.com.

We would like to thank all of those who came out to either show (or both), last Thursday and Friday. It was awesome to see Otto's packed with many of you. Our show coming up this Saturday will be our last show for a couple weeks. We intend on taking this time off to write new music.

Dysception is currently featured on MetalRefuge.com during November. An interview will be posted on the feature soon. Read the feature. Dysception is also the band of the month in November for Chicagolandmusic.net. Dikki6 conducted an interview with Dysception. Read the interview. Dikki6 said, "Dysception's strive for success isn't something to be sold short. These wicked college boys blend melodic metal with heavy riffs that are sure to piss off your parents. Their biggest difficulty was getting into the Chicago scene and distinguishing themselves as a unique band with something to bring to the table of metal music."

We'd like to thank all of those who came out to the Starbusters or Oasis One-Sixty shows this past weekend. If you would like to see live pictures from the Oasis show, go to musicalministry.com (special thanks to street team member, Heather). Dysception is currently featured at The e.KO, which is an awesome midwest music website! Read the feature. The e.KO says that Dysception "breaks free from the traditional nu-metal stigma, leaving a new mark on the Midwest music scene."

ChicagolandMusic.net is currently having a poll to see who will be the band of the month. Currently, Dysception is in first place. There's only a couple days left so please vote. Vote Here. Originally, Dysception was scheduled to perform at Oasis One-Sixty on Oct. 27th with Colonel Stem. The bass player of Colonel Stem left the band to join up with From Zero.

Also, the Nov. 7th show at Otto's had Dysception scheduled as the opening band for Rockford band, LOC. Due to unknown reasons, LOC broke up and won't be at that show, therefore, Dysception will be headlining this show at Otto's. Opening acts are soon to be announced. What a crazy week for local music in the Chicago area!

The "Three-Thirteen EP" has received its first review from ChicagolandMusic.net. Compared to other reviews on that site, Dysception received a positive response. Dikki6, the critic, said that Dysception is "a legit force to be aware of and not shunned." Read the review