One day it’s here
The next day it’s gone
What should I think
About what’s going on?

Somehow this always happens
Would anyone understand
Who can I even tell
That would give a damn?

I keep it bottled inside
I have no one to tell
Feeling as though I might scream
I need to find exactly what this means…to me

Is there something I should say
Something I should do?
I’m so confused right now
I only wish I knew


I can’t take it
I need to let it out


Can you feel, can you feel my pain,
It's tearin', it's tearin' me apart,

And it, feels like, but it's hard inside here (2X)

I've been alone, alone for so long,
It's been hard, hard to go on

And it, feels like, but it's hard inside here (2X)

What do you want from me,
No one else can even see,
What is inside of me just watch me bleed (2X)

F*ck it (Forget - radio edit)

Can you feel it, Can you feel it, Can you feel it c'mon
Can you feel my pity

1st verse repeat

I feel you coming near,
You approach me without fear,
I see a grin on your face,
I hate you and I hate this place,
You look at me with careless eyes,
So come in here we'll see who dies

My world is very small,
You'll never know your world at all,
And my cage is my only home,
And here I sit all alone,
If only you were in this cell,
Then you could see my, my private hell

Behind these bars,
Revenge will be ours,
Inside my cage,
Can you feel my rage

Now you think that you're alright,
But when the time is right,
I will set myself free,
Then you pray you never saw me,
Hear my painful shout,
It's time I get the hell out


Gotta get out, gotta get out, get away,
Get away, away from my cage


Feel it flow
Feel it flow through you
It’s what you need
What you need inside

Lose control
Control of your senses
Release the beast
That’s trying to hide

And you don’t know how to contain it
(Repeat verse)

And you don’t know how to contain it
You’ve gotta let it go with all your heart and all your soul

Take all the things you say to me
They all turn in to hypocrisy
I hate, the way, you f*ckin’ lied to me

Stop take a look at where you are
See you’re not getting very far
Away, from the things that you hide

Fake, all you say
Run away, from the things you hide
Try, to speak the truth
But all you do is just lie

Now you think that you can get away
But you know there’s no escape, away
From everything you helped create

You’re just stuck in a world of lies
And you’ve got no alibis
To hear, anything you say


You lied to me...


and nothing's ever going to change
from anything you try to...

Fake, all you say
Run away, from the things you hide

Everyday it’s like another way that they
Try and take over your life
It never is enough
Until you’re dead and gone
They’ll never be satisfied

I can’t see, what’s in front of me

I don’t, know what, I can,
Ever, do to, make things right
Will it, ever, change and, become
What you thought tonight

How long must we be
Afraid of what we see
When all this sh*t’s built up so high
I can’t believe
That this is how we live
It sometimes makes me want to die


(CHORUS clean)