Dysception has only just begun to open the eyes of many Chicago music fans with their 2002 release of the “Three-Thirteen EP.”

Hailing from the town of Schaumburg, IL, the members of Dysception grew up right near the heart of great music; Chicago. In the 1998, the band was formed under a different name and renamed as Dysception in 2000. The style of music is a blend of alternative metal music from bands like Disturbed, Deftones, Drowning Pool, Godsmack, and Soil. These bands are also some of their influential artists.

In March of 2001, plans for the first Dysception recording began by sending a live CD to John Scrip, the guitarist from the Chicago metal band, Stonehenge. Seeing an opportunity to assist the band, Scrip took on the role of producing the “Dysception EP” in August of 2001.

After a well percieved release, Dysception went back into the studio to record the “Three-Thirteen EP.” Rob Ruccia, the former bass player of Arista recording artists, From Zero, produced their second EP, which was recorded at Uptown Recording in Chicago. Since 2002, Dysception has distributed over 5,000 free copies of the EP and had over 8,000 downloads on their website located at http://www.dysception.com.

The “Three-Thirteen EP” has become a huge promotional aspect for the band. After the release of the EP, Dysception began performing at premier Midwest venues, including Metro in Chicago and Harpo’s in Detroit. The growing number of fans drawn to each show enabled Dysception to open for well-known Chicago bands and even a few major label bands such Papa Roach and Otep.

In April of 2004, Dysception went back to Uptown Recording with Ruccia for their 3rd recording. This unreleased EP is intended to help Dysception bring larger crowds to each performance, earn more acclaim from Chicago critics and fans, and gain attention from the record label industry.